Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Magnolia sewing Tilda....

Ahhh the temperature is finally normal in my hobby room,
so I could finish this little project I was working on.
Can you guess what it is ??

It's Tilda sewing at her sewing table = )
I bought the templates at Sandra's shop

Tilda has her sewing pins/needles close by.....

.... just like her scissors, centimeter and spools of thread...

.... and last but not least, coat hanger with another piece of fabric ready to get sewn.
If you look closely you can see that the fabric has a "real" sewing pattern ; ) Oh I almost forget the fabric samples on the floor.... the ones you find on teh market.

Hope you like my new creation
and take a minute to leave me a comment = )
Thanks for stopping by, I always appreciate it !


Debbie Dolphin said...

OMGoodness Corianne thats so amazing sweetie xxx
Hugs Debbie xx

Helga Teunissen said...

Ik vind hem werkelijk SUPERGEWELDIGFANTASTISCHGAAF!!!!!! Wat onwijs veel werk moet je hierin hebben zitten!!!

Sandra's Scrapsels said...

Echt TE gaaaaaaffff Corianne!!
Dat heb je echt supers gemaakt vol met allemaal prachtige details!!! Een plaatje hoor! Zo leuk met die kleine klosjes en echte lappenrollen!!! Heeeeel mooi gemaakt hoor!!
Dank je wel voor het vermelden van mijn linkje!!

Groetjes, San

CorianneDesign said...

Ahhhhhh THANKS sweeties, you guys are making blush, hihi ; )

I think most credit should go out to you Sandra, you're the one that comes up with these creations... I'm only giving it another twist.

When I started making this sewing table my mind filled with ideas... I was like... "ohh and I could use this and this and this and this, hahaha... lol ! =P

Anyways, thanks again sweeties... love you guys ! = )
x Corianne

TinaB said...

So lovely and u fixed it so nice round here :-)

CorianneDesign said...

Thank you as well Tina !! = )

hug Corianne

Neline said...

Hey Corianne,
Wat heb je een geweldig gave creatie gemaakt!!! Ziet er echt helemaal supers uit.

CorianneDesign said...

Ahhh thanks Neline voor je lieve woorden ! xoxo Corianne

Suriana Ju said...

Hi Corianne,
This is very beautiful !

CorianneDesign said...

Ahhhh thank you Suriana Ju that's so sweet of you ! = )

hug Corianne