Friday, September 06, 2013

New bicycle......

Gazelle Miss Grace Innergy Whisphering Blue

Dear blog, I've been saving up for a new bike and this time I wanted an electric bicycle... otherwise I can't keep up with my mom, hahaha
Normally I would lent my dads electric bicycle when my mom and I would go shopping, but now I'm so spoiled.... that I want an electric bicycle of my own :P
So I've been saving and saving and saving.... and finally saved up enough and always wanted this bicycle
But it's one of the older collection and my local bicycle shop didn't have one =/
Now we (me and my family) have been buying our bicycles there ever since I was a little kid, so they would really do their best to find one
And guess what... a few days later I received a call of my local bicycle shop.... they found one more Gazelle Miss Grace Innergy Whisphering Blue bicycle!!!! =)
They found it on the other side of the country, hahahaha...... in Vriezenveen!
And the funny thing is, is that the bicycle shop in Vriezenveen is the same bicycle shop my dad (and his first late wife) bought their bicycles when they lived there
He ment her as a child / teenager during the war, when he and his brother stayed there because there was not enough food here
Now is this what they call faith!?!? ; )

Anyways, I will take pictures as soon as the bicycle arrived

much love Corianne 

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