Friday, August 13, 2010

Drawer box (HobbyJournaal 65)

(front view)

(side view)

(with two of the four drawers open)

This drawer box I saw in the HobbyJournaal number 65
(Dutch hobby magazine) that Tiets Wolfard created.
The box doesn't have one, not two, not three..... but four drawers,
a drawer on each side and an easel so it holds up the card.
I used another Hänglar Stänglar image....
isn't she cute or should I say... "attractive" ; )

Anyways, if you also would like to make your own drawer box with easel..... run to your local hobbyshop to buy HobbyJournaal number 65 (prize € 1,30)
Have fun making the drawer box I know I did !!

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