Saturday, August 07, 2010

My first Hänglar Stänglar creations

This time I pimped a egg carton with Tilda scrapbookpaper
(gingham green), a Hänglar Stänglar girl with chicken stamp,
some paper flowers, ribbon and a old Dutch 10 cents charm.

(front view)

And what is an egg carton without some eggs right...... of course you can't keep real eggs forever, so I used styrofoam eggs instead
(Ø 3 cm)
Next up is a 11 x 11 cm hidden drawer card..... a what !?..... a hidden drawer card. It's sort of a little box with a drawer and a "flap" that's used as a card.
I found this idea on one of the Hänglar Stänglar blogs I follow and they direct their followers to this English blog who have the measurements etc.
Only their measurements are for a 7 x 7 cm hidden drawer card, so I had to figure out how to make it bigger and still have a "flap" I could use as a card...... but it worked =P

To decorate the hidden drawer card I found some old scrapbookpaper that I still had laying around and that went well with the Hänglar Stänglar bug hug stamp.
I also used a vintage oval shaped button to open the drawer with.......

Inside I used the same Hänglar Stänglar bug hug stamp and Eline Pellinkhofs' Dutch text stamps,
that says "You can use a boost..... Get well soon"
A fun way to wish someone a speedy recovery.... and you can put something inside the drawer, perhaps  for someone who has a bad cold some vitamine C, aspirin, tea bags etc !? =P

And after I made the 11 x 11 cm hidden drawer card I just had to make the 7 x 7 cm (very cute size) version.

Here I also used an Eline Pellinkhof Dutch text stamp, this time it says "Enjoy every single moment"

I hope you like these ideas and enjoy the rest of your weekend, thanks for dropping by again = )


Anonymous said...

Hoi,ben ik nog ff,
Ik ben op zoek naar stempelafdrukjes van hanglar stanglar maar vind ze niet meer op marktplaats.Ik zoek specefiek naar het meisje met beer.Weet jij waar ik afdrukjes kan kopen?
groetjes Esther

CorianneDesign said...

Hoi Esther, ik koop de stempelafdrukjes bij 't winkeltje of bij creat your own.... maar beide hebben geen meisje met beer (ik weet over welke je hebt hebt)

Soms zijn ze op internet te vinden, maar het is zoeken.... en zoeken.... en zoeken, haha ; )

Welke heb jij !?!?!?

Knuff Corianne

Anonymous said...

Hoi Corianne,
Tot nu toe nog geen stempels van Hanglar stanglar.Ik ga zo even kijken bij de sites die je hebt opgegeven.Bedankt voor de tip!
Ah jammer,ik vind het meisje met beer zoooo leuk...nog even doorzoeken dan maar..:O)

liefs Esther