Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Copic Ciao Markers or Letraset Promarkers

I went to Harolds today and found these Letraset Promarkers, they are pretty much like the Copic Ciao Markers but they have an even finer tip, other colors and best of all.... they are cheaper !! = )
Price Copic Ciao Marker €3,95...... Letraset Promarker €2,50
Still love my Copic Ciao Markers and bought those transparante boxes to store them in.
Useally you can only buy the transparant boxes filled or only for the Copic Markers.... but these are the original once for the Copic Ciao Markers.
So I'm very happy right now because I've been looking for them for a long, long time !!

Anyways, thought I would share this information with you guys = )
Thanks for dropping by.....

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