Monday, July 12, 2010

Eline's "Opkikker" Boxes & Stair Step Card

(Front View)
(Side View)
(View From Above)
Hey everyone, it's finaly cooler so time to finish these Eline "Opkikker" boxes
I was talking about a few weeks ago.
Back then I was looking for these dragonfly charms and found them with help from
some fellow bloggers at Eeks-Kralen

In the boxes you could put some candy or something else if you want to cheer somebody up.
Or use it as a present for someone's birthday and put some money inside for example !?

I used Eline's Pretty Papers Bloc Eline's Babies Boy and Girl, Eline's "Opkikker" 3D sheets (AK0049, AK0050),
Eline's "Opkikker" clearstamps (EC0113, EC0114), off white cardstock, some paper roses,
dragonfly charms and a bit of string
(Stair Step Card)

Now this one I posted before, but took a close up picture so you guys can have a better view.
But that's not the ony reason... Eline posted "Opkikker" examples on own blog from other people and if you like you can send her your own creaties !!
So I'm going to send the picture of this card and of the boxes to her... for all Eline fans out there ; )

Thanks for dropping by again and have a great (and cool) evening

I placed new and hopefully sharper pictures, I read the manual from my camera again....
so I hope it worked or do I need some lessons =P


eline said...

Hi Corianne, ze zijn echt geweldig! Al zijn de foto's niet echt scherp. Daarom heb ik ze maar vrij klein op mijn blog gezet. Als je scherpere foto's hebt, dan graag :)
De doosjes zijn super! Liefs, E

CorianneDesign said...

Hi Eline, bedankt dat je 't me even lieten weten dat de foto's niet echt scherp waren !!
Inmiddels heb ik ander geplaatst en naar je gemaild, dus ik hoop dat die beter van kwaliteit zijn ??

En bedankt dat ze op je blog mogen staan ; )

Knuffel Corianne

Maya said...

Beautiful boxes!!
Love the adorable frogs, and colors are beautiful!!
Hugs from Maya

CorianneDesign said...

Ahhh thanks Maya for your sweet comment = )