Thursday, July 08, 2010

First set of Hänglar Stänglar stamped impressions have arrived

Hey everbody, today my first set of stamped Hänglar Stänglar impressions arrived, that I ordered at Twinkeltje a few days ago.
Astrid always stamps onto correspondence cards, using real ink... so no computer prints and she does it really beautiful !!

Normally I'm not for buying stamped impressions, but as you all know they don't sell the Hänglar Stänglar stamps outside Norway/Sweden....... so this is the only way for now.
And they are just too cute !! =P

Anyways, I also orded a second set of stamped Hänglar Stänglar impressions at
Create Your Own because Desirée has a few other ones and she also stamps on correspondence cards with real ink.

Ok got to go and make some diner now, thanks for dropping by and have a lovely evening.....

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