Sunday, July 11, 2010

Still proud to be Dutch, haha =P

STILL PROUD TO BE DUTCH, haha..... what a match, can you believe it !?!?
Wondering what was up with that referee though, all those yellow cards (some were deserved)
but why did we get way more cards.... Spain did deserve a few more then they got.
And then he didn't see that corner and Spain being offside a few seconds before they "made" that goal...
where was he and what was he doing, hahaha =P
I'm also wondering if Spain really deserve to win the world cup
(their supporters will say yes I'm sure, haha) but to win it like this !?!?
Anyways, we played a great and fair math and come on our guys made it into the finals,
something we all can be very proud of !!
So yeah I still stand behind our guys and I'm...... STILL PROUD TO BE DUTCH, hahaha.

Paul the Octopus was right then, hahahaha...... lol !! =P

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