Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas.....

First of all.... Merry Cristmas everyone ! = )
I just finished getting things ready for tomorrow,
like decorating Christmas presents
(they're fake.... just for decoration)

Placing good old gingerbread men
in my little "La Cucina Pot" by Riviera Maison...

Hanging these little felt mittens on the doorknob...

and decorating the coffee table
You can burn a tealight in the white lanterns
and there's a winter home fragrance to make the room smell nice)

This I bought from my birthday money when I went to the Hague...
(didn't have time to hang it up)

I always wanted to visit the Riviera Maison store there,
so what better way to spent some of your birthday money while you're there ; )

I also bought the cheese board you see on the decorated coffee table
(not from Riviera Maison by the way)

This morning my mom asked me if I could bake a cake... OK !?

Now the left tin is her tin and the right one is a little tin I had for so long
and thought it would be funny to make a little cake for myself ; )

Funny isn't it.... it's almost the exact size as in this picture, hahaha =P

Ok the moment of truth....

Looks alright, doesn't it !?!? ; )

Anyways.... again I'm wishing everyone a Merry Christmas
 and I hope it's a nice one !

1 comment :

Ik ben Esther said...

Mjam,mjam ziet er lekker uit de cakes!!Ik wens jou ook hele fijne Kerstdagen!!!
Liefs Esther