Sunday, June 02, 2013

Pimping a small ironing board....

Dear blog... about a week ago I went to a second hand store
to buy a small ironing board (mouwplankje)
I wanted a small ironing board (mouwplankje) for a long time now,
because it would make ironing of the little Tilda clothes so much easier!

This time they had a small ironing board (mouwplankje) but with a horrible and ugly cover, hahaha.... so to the sewing machine and start pimping!

I wanted a fun, cute and cheerful cover....
and then I remembered my conversation with Eline Pellinkhof,
about the fabrics they used in her new Eline's Buitenhuis book :)

Brilliant!! this one is just perfect....

.... so I ordered the fabric at Elly's store and started sewing ;)
And after a long afternoon measuring, cutting and sewing... is this the end result!

It looks a million times better...... if I may sy so myself, haha ;)

And last but not least....
a few of the cards I bought from the new Eline Pellinkhof range

Thanks for visiting my blog.... more coming soon!


Ik ben Esther said...

Superleuk geworden joh met dit zonnige stofje!
Maakt strijken meteen een stuk leuker ook...:O)
Liefs Esther

CorianneDesign said...

Hiya Esther, leuk je weer te zien op m'n blog! :)
Ik ben er ook zeer blij mee en ja 't strijkt inderdaad véél leuker ;)

Liefs Corianne