Saturday, June 22, 2013

Seaside Tilda...

Dear blog, I could finally finish my Seaside Tilda doll from Tone Finnager's book Sommerliv... yes that's the Norweign version of her book and had to translate it first! Pfff that was not easy I can tell you, haha... but things worked out in the end. Of course I used the translating machine on my computer, but for some reason the translating machine doesn't recognize some words even when you writting down the correct words as they were written in Tone's book!? Anyways these dools are easy to make when you made a few.... only her sailor jacket was pretty difficult and I had to get some help from my mom ; ) She made clothes in the past, so she had a pretty good idea of how to make the jacket..... and instead of a sailor jacket I made a trendcoat.... this way it's a bit different then the rest : )
In the book Seaside Tilda is carrying a little sailor boat, but I thought why not give her a little whale for a friend.... so I did and now they can be together for ever, hihi ; ) Ok enough talking.... here are the pictures

much love Corianne

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Laura said...

I love her so much. Her outfit is just so classy and her wee whale is so sweet. You are very clever.