Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Lalylala Dirk the Dragon and his little buddy Stijn (update)

{ photo credit by Ellen and Danny }

Here he is Lalylala Dirk the Dragon with his little buddy Stijn!
In a previous message I told you about Dirk going to his forever home to become little Stijn's best buddy and by the looks of it they are ;)

Dirk the Dragon bought Stijn a couple of socks to keep his feet warm, yes Dirk loves to keep things "warm" if you  know what I mean ;)
But don't give him any matches mommy Ellen and Daddy Danny.... 
because he loves setting them on fire!

And as you can see in the picture he and Stijn like to snuggle up together, that is how he keeps Stijn warm when Stijn sleeps and when he is awake Dirk tells him lots of stories of his adventures as a dragon

I think the two of them are going on lots of adventures together when they are a bit older, especially when Stijn learns to walk
Lets hope they don't get up to any kind of mischief , hahahaha =P

Have lovely sunny day,

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