Sunday, April 26, 2015


©Lalylala handmade - Lydia Tresselt

ERNA and BERT have known each other since they were little flowers back in their very early years. They grew up together in the same backyard with numerous brothers and sisters. After the successful graduation on the tree nursery ERNA worked as a cake topping in a cupcake bakery (get her secret cupcake recipe)

BERT always enjoyed tinkering. He invented a device that could make phone calls mobile. With the money that he earned when he sold his idea, ERNA and BERT opened a greengrocery. No, not the kind of greengrocery you might know! It’s a place where the lalylala fruits and vegetables meet and spend their time together. There is also a spa where the stressed-out city fruit can relax in a hot tub full of milk or recover it's skin with a refreshing yogurt mask. There’s also a juicer for those who need a massage for loosening.

ERNA and BERT are totally into chocolate. They love the color green, springtime and they got a big library filled with horror books (cookbooks about how to make jam, jelly or marmalade) and they are scarily fascinated by Martha Stewart.


Oh my sweet goodness aren't they just the cutest things you have seen in your life!
Erna and Bert are the new Lalylala dolls made by the very lovely  and talented Lydia Tresselt
When you visit her website you will find the other Lalylala's and all the information you need... I'm sure there is a Lalylala you'll love and want to make ;)

Now which one shall I make first..... hmmmm I think Erna (the strawberry) because she is easier to make, hahaha
I made Lupo the Lam once and to make all those bubble stitches is a lot of work I can tell you... and I'm not that patience! =P

©Lalylala handmade - Lydia Tresselt

Anyways, I'm off to bed and dream of Erna & Bert...

Sweet Dreams,


Ik ben Esther said...

Wauw leuk zijn deze twee zeg! Je zou direkt weer in de haaknaald kruipen,hihi...jammer dat ik nog zoveel onaffe projecten heb liggen...:O(

Dikke knuffel,

CorianneDesign said...

Leuk zijn ze hè ;)
Heb je een patroon van Lydia Tresselt/Lalylala... want deze zijn gratis! Je hebt dus alleen een ouder patroon nodig voor het lijf
En dan leg deze patronen toch gewoon bovenop de stapel, hahahaha (ik ken het)

Dikke knuffel terug,
xoxo Corianne