Thursday, April 16, 2015

Rambert the Ram

Today I would like to introduce you to.... Rambert the Ram!
It's a design by IlDikko and I immediately fell in love with him when I was searching the internet for a fun new crochet pattern
He just looks so funny with his horns and mouth, hahaha.... wait horns how was I going to make those!? Simple... (after I bought and read the pattern) electricity wire!!

For his body and hair I used yarn from Schachenmayr Original 'Brazilia' 00001 white...

... and for the rest I used yarn from Schachenmayr Original 'Catania' color 0263 beige and Phildar 'Minerai' 227 dark grey
And last but not least use two safety eyes... now lets hope Rambert the Ram does eat all of my little herbs and vegetables that I'm trying to grow, hahaha

Have a lovely sunny crochet day,

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